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Our Mission

The mission of the Yamhill County Sheriff’s Search and Rescue Team is to recruit and train volunteers who can quickly and effectively look for and rescue lost persons, respond to disasters, and provide community education on safety and survival.

We are members of the community who have joined together to serve the people of Yamhill County and beyond. All of our members receive the necessary training to equip them for the job at hand. Being a part of Yamhill County Sheriff’s Search and Rescue Team is a way you can give back to the community.

Some of the tasks we take on are:

  • Searching for and rescuing lost people in any weather conditions
  • Finding, and returning to their loved ones, persons with cognitive disorders.
  • Assisting in disasters (i.e. floods, airplane crashes, earthquakes, etc.)
  • Assisting Law Enforcement with evidence searches.

A Letter from the Sheriff

The Yamhill County Sheriff’s Office Search and Rescue is a volunteer-based program under the command of the Sheriff. A highly dedicated and skilled Board of Directors makes this organization second to none in the State of Oregon. This well trained group consists of approximately 50 volunteers.

The call to assemble our team can come at any time day or night, in all weather conditions, to expedite a search or a rescue with the possibility of someone’s life on the line. Someone has reported a friend or family member missing, and all you have to go on is the place last seen, a map, and the talent and experience of our team.

These searches can be conducted over rugged territory in extreme conditions, but our SAR volunteers and their families have shown time again that they are committed to the selfless volunteerism this program demands.

These are dedicated and skilled volunteers who continue to maintain their endurance and professionalism to find the lost, rescue the stranded or injured, recover the deceased, and are available to respond to community needs in Yamhill County and provide mutual aid to other Sheriff’s Office SAR programs in Oregon.

If you are interested in becoming a part of this fantastic group of volunteers and you meet the qualifications, complete the application on the join page and mail or bring into my office today. The satisfaction of returning a lost person to his or her loved one is unparalleled.

I’ll take this opportunity to say thank you to each and every one of you. You are all incredible people giving so many hours of yourselves just to help our citizens.

Those who can–do; those who can do more — volunteer!

Tim Svenson
Yamhill County Sheriff

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